• here comes spring

    Looking for a new way to decorate easter eggs this year? Marbled, dipped, prints and dot patterns are all great ways to add to your easter celebration. I am especially loving the modern direction that the Fabulous K took when she dipped pink dyed eggs in gold paint. Read about how-to DIY here!

    Happy Easter everyone. xx

  • hello, friday!


    Hi there! It’s been awhile {2 solid months}. As some of you may know, in addition to my tiny spot here on tumblr, I been hard at work managing the Blu Bungalow blog as we prepare for our relaunch and redesign! More on this later…

    Now that traveling has settled down for a bit {Chicago & Los Angeles}, I will have more time to update this space with recipe favorites, travels, and of course pretty things! Have a wonderful friday and a happy easter. Don’t forget to stay lovely! 

  • this sounds pretty accurate <3 

  • Dining Review: Chubby Noodle


    Tucked deep inside North Beach’s retro watering hole, Amante, is Pete Mrabre of Don Pistos latest side project, The Chubby Noodle. The pop-up restaurant, currently only open for dinner selections, serves exactly what North Beach has been lacking— Asian fusion flare. Finally delicious fried chicken {served cinema style in a tall popcorn containers}, oysters and noodles are all rolled into one. 

    At first you may notice no difference to the bar itself, its vintage decor accents remain almost exactly same. However, directly under the pink neon sign that begs the question “Hungry?” is one of the best Korean pork tacos i’ve ever tasted. This is where Chubby Noodle’s walk-up to order magic happens. We loved the spicy garlic noodles and the red miso ramen. Good is an understatement, it’s better than good. 

    Other menu highlights? Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with Organic Fried Chicken. We shared the 5 piece {perfect for two}! 

    Take a look at the rest of the menu, here and see for yourself. This is one chic & cheap eat you cannot miss. 

  • thank goodness for friday


    It’s cold, rainy, and icky out there! Well at least in San Francisco anyway. 

    Started off the weekend right with some yummy dim sum with @dwell coworkers for lunch. I’m looking forward to more great food and good company as we cheer the 49er’s on this Sunday. 

    Have a good weekend. Hope it’s happy.


  • historical weekend


    Hope everyone had a wonderful and {hopefully} long weekend. Mine seemed filled with bits and pieces of history. To kick off the weekend, we made reservations at Bourbon & Branch’s newest password protected prohibition bar The Wilson. Dimly lit, velvet damask, exposed brick walls and the drink menu hidden deep inside a case file make this bar a hidden treasure. Once escorted to our table, our server brought over the punch {not for the whiskey shy} served in stainless steel teapot and tiny tea cups!

    Most of Saturday was consumed by San Francisco 49er football {history in the making} that brought player, Vernon Davis and fans to tears over his game saving reception. By Sunday, I was up early for brunch at Rose’s and quite honestly the best piece of french toast I’ve tried to date. Afterword, Charlotte and I took a drive to see her beautiful childhood homes. She even pointed out the location of the zodiac’s 1969 murder spot in Presido Heights {so creepy}. 

    Later that afternoon we caught Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe winning performance in The Iron Lady, a film portraying the life of Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

    We ending the weekend with a day dedicated to service. Octavia Spencer’s Golden Globe acceptance speech said it best when she remarkably quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.— “all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance.” I couldn’t agree more. 


    image via pinterest 

  • new year, new dreams


    As a new year sneaks up on us once again, we can’t help but reflect on the year past and wonder— what will this year bring? 

    I don’t make resolutions anymore. Most of them are difficult to keep and it seems silly to have one yearly marker to set as a clean slate. Instead I make goals: solid, realistic, and reachable. Goals that present a challenge and take time, energy, and heart to reach. 

    For me and this new year {two thousand and twelve}, I’ll make another set of personal benchmarks {for the record 2011’s took all year to reach!} and yes, one of the lofter ones is a makeover of this space {This & That}, which I couldn’t be happier about. 

    So break out the bubbly my friends and cheers to a new year, a fresh start, and a bright future. Here’s to your year to shine brighter than ever before. 

    xo, Kate

  • merry christmas

    It’s not snowing here in northern California, but it certainly is cold!

     Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter and love.

  • Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve with family, friends and lots of cheer. Last weekend my favorite couple, Scott & Charlotte invited us over for a holiday dinner. I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday ideas with all of you.

    When we arrived, to my delight Charlotte was serving spiked {bourbon} egg nog on a festive orange tray. Not to mention I simply fell in love with all of the table top decor. Thanks to pinterest and Charlotte’s creative eye she turned jars and terra-cotta pots golden and glass ornaments into centerpieces! How very lovely. 

  • yes, please!

    (Source: agirlinthefog, via theamericanlegacy)

  • Dasher & Dancer

    I have to admit that I was really having trouble getting into the “holiday spirit” this year. I’m not sure if it was the stress of moving at the beginning of the month and getting settled in my new place but even with San Francisco’s epic SantaCon, I just wasn’t feeling as merry as usual. 

    Well last night, Dayna & Jessica were out to change that! They invited me over to dinner {mmm, slow cooked chili} and to make these adorable reindeer peanut butter cookies. They were so fun to make and so easy that I can’t help but share the recipe. Thanks Dayna for sending it to me!  


    1 box yellow cake mix

    1 cup of creamy peanut butter

    1/3 cup of water

    1/4 cup of granulated sugar

    2 eggs

    1 bag of chocolate covered pretzels 

    3 bags of m&ms


    1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

    2. In a large bowl, combine together {preferable with a stand mixer!} 1/2 box of cake mix, peanut butter, water, eggs, and sugar. Once mixed together, combine the other 1/2 box of cake mix. 

    3. Spray cookie sheet {non-stick cooking spray} and shape cookies in a tear drop shape. 

    4. Bake {10 mins}! 

    5. Decorate with reindeer faces while still warm. 

    6. Enjoy with friends!

  • Making Moves

    Please forgive my minimal posts this week. I’ve found a fabulous new apartment and my life is currently lost in a sea of boxes. Hope everyone is having a great week. I should be up and running by the weekend :)

    Image via Pinterest